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Bailey before her grooming

Bailey after her groom.  This was her first time!

Damien in his before pic. 

All done!  Look how handsome!

Bruno, a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier A-La Pom-Pon.  Try saying that 3 times fast!  Also his first time

Now THAT is a cute face!

Another first timer!  This is BiLo.

All done and loving his new toy!

This is Baby the Yorshire Terrier. She's definitely ready for her close-up!

Buddy waiting for his bath before his haircut!

Buddy all done

Chrysler had what we call a "plush cut". Her fur was several inches long before her grooming. She loves getting her hair cut and purrs the entire time!

We can also brighten up your day with a splash of color. This is Denver and his mohawk is a different color each time!