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Express grooming is a luxury service so it tends to be more expensive than regular salon prices.  Most people find that the one-on-one attention and fabulous services offered more than make the extra cost worth while!

We only use Show Season shampoos and conditioners, the highest quality products available.  Just as there is a wide range of quality and price in human hair care products, same holds true for grooming products.  While some grooming salons may use economy shampoo lines we are not one of them.

We charge based on an hourly rate. (The following prices are simply to give owners a way to estimate their costs, these are not guaranteed prices)

Pricing for our salon:

Small Dogs:

Smooth coated $35-45

Trims $45-$55

Hair Cuts $55-$65

Medium Dogs:

Smooth coated $50-$75

Trims  $55-$65

Hair Cuts $60-$75

Medium/Large Dogs:

Smooth coated  $50-$70

Trims $75-$120

Hair Cuts 85-$160


Short hair (American short hair, Siamese) $65

Long Hair (Persian, Himalayan) $75

Hair cut (either long or short hair) $80-$90

Add On Services:

Tooth brushing: $5

Hot Oil Treatment: $25

Low-Shedding Treatment: $30 (reduces shedding by up to 90% for 6-12 weeks)

Dematting: $50 per hour (only performed if it can be done comfortably)

Dyeing/Coloring: $30-$60 (depending on size)

Stenciling/Streaking $15-$20