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Mobile Grooming Services Offered:                     

TransFURmations is a full service grooming salon for dogs and cats.

All full service grooms for dogs include: Bath-using only the best in pet shampoos and conditioners.Hand drying-no cage drying here!Brushing/combing.Nails trimmed and dremmeled (filed) if the pet allows .Ears cleaned (plucked if needed).

All dogs needing haircuts/trimming will receive the above plus all trimming as requested by the owner.  Trims can be either breed specific or modified to suit the individual tastes and needs of the dog and owner.

All grooms for cats include:Nail trimming-if applicable.Ears cleaned.Brush and comb out.Wet or waterless bath-not all cats will tolerate a wet bath so a waterless (no rinse) shampoo may be used instead.

Any clipping or trimming is done on request of the owner.  Cats can receive haircuts too!  If you would like to have your cat clipped there are many options available to you.  Lion clips, plush cuts, or smooth clips are just an example of clips done on cats.

*All clips are done to owners specifications EXCEPT when the condition of coat does not allow it.  Severe matting will be handled humanely and, if necessary, shaved.  Any shaving will be done with the owners full permission only.


Specialized shampoos for fleas, bad skin etc may be requested by the owner or recommended by the groomer. 

Deshedding treatment- An extra tool is used after the bathing process to remove more excess coat than the normal grooming process alone-reduce shedding up to 80% for 4-8 weeks!

Nail painting.

Full color dyeing of coats, stenciling or streaking.

Handstripping-Done only by request! This is a technique usually reserved for show dogs, but we will be happy to provide this service to any that ask for it.

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Why TransFURmations?

At TransFURmations we know how hectic life can be.  That's why we make it easier for our clients.  Don't worry about your pet having to spend hours or the entire day at the groomer. We schedule each pet individually and work on them straight through. Your pet will be done in typically 1.5-2 hours, depending on breed, size and coat condition.


Do you express anal glands?

Yes, but only upon request.  The anal glands are two scent glands on each side of the rectum and are supposed to be expressed naturally when your pet has a bowel movement.  If you express the glands for the pet when they are not having an issue in doing it themselves, it can begin to weaken the muscles to a point where they will no longer be able to express them on their own.

My dog/cat is scratching.  Does that mean he has fleas?

It's possible, but scratching in and of itself does not guarantee your pet has fleas.  Allergies or dry skin could be the culprit.  Look for "flea dirt" which is the waste produced by fleas.  It will look like dark flecks throughout the coat but if you wet the the flecks down on a cloth the cloth will turn rust color from the blood the flea has ingested.  If in doubt we can check for you.  There are very many good preventative treatments for fleas, both spot on and natural.  We will gladly recommend a product that best suits your needs.

What type of payment do you accept?

Currently TransFURmations accepts cash, check, or credit card.  All checks can be made payable to "TransFURmations".

Why is grooming so expensive?

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of grooming.  The products used, equipment, overhead of each individual business, the training and skill of the grooming staff, etc.  At TransFURmations we use top of the line equipment such as Les Poochs brushes, Show Season shampoo and conditioners, Kenchii shears,  a massaging bathing system and so much more.  Just as an example, our slicker brushes alone cost $70 each, but we use them because they are the best, and therefore the work we are able to do is that much better.  Even the best groomer cannot excel at her job with inferior equipment and supplies.  We also attend yearly seminars and trade shows to stay abreast of the latest techniques, trends, and equipment available.  This helps to guarantee that our clients get the absolute best service possible.

Are you licensed?

No.  What most pet owners do not realize is that grooming is a totally unregulated industry.  There is no licensing available for pet grooming and no requirements by the government that need to be met before opening a grooming salon or working in one.  So what should pet owners do to make sure they are leaving their pet in competent hands?  Talk to the groomer and ask questions.  Ask how they trained and for how long. Ask how long they have been grooming.  There are grooming schools and some people apprentice.  Niether one is necessarily better than the other, it's simply important that they have had professional training with hands on experience.  Ask to see the grooming area.  Is it clean and well kept?  If for any reason you are not comfortable do not hesitate to walk out with your pet.