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Winner of the"Compassionate Groomer Award"  in 2001, Melissa continues to attend educational seminars and compete yearly. Melissa started her grooming career in 1995 and she continues to learn and stay up to date on the latest information about companion animal care available.  Her talents include grooming dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes.  She is a proud wife and mother of two children, owner of four dogs and two cats.  Life is never dull.  Specializing in puppy's first groom and senior pets.  

Debra Williams has been grooming for the last ten years. She is also known as the Yorkie whisperer. She has a special touch when it comes to these fun loving little dogs. She is the owner of Mex our sometimes co-pilot and her little Chihuahua. She is the reason we are able to use such beautiful bows and bowties. They are all her creation. She is also the go to gal for beautifully painted nails. She grooms both dogs and cats and keeps up to date with the latest the grooming industry has to offer.

The Story of TransFURmations Mobile

The inspiration for TransFURmations came from a seminar I attented in the fall.  I happened to strike up a conversation with another groomer who also was mobile.  After listening to how much she loved it and how she was so busy she had to turn new clients away, I started to seriously think about making the move to mobile grooming .  At the time I was working in a lovely grooming salon with my mom and I asked her for her own thoughts on the matter.  She thought the idea was terrific and had complete faith that I could make it work.  I told my very supportive and wonderful boss that I was thinking of making a move and she gave me even more encouragement.

A night on the computer led me to finding a mobile unit for sale that was perfect for me.  It was exactly what I was looking for and it was within a five hour drive.   I started emailing the current owner and we discussed me driving out to buy her rig.  In the meantime my mom and I had decided that this was going to be a joint venture for the two of us.  My mom and I had already been working together and we did it so well it just made sense for the two of us to do this together.  I think it's a little less scary to take such a big leap when you have someone jumping with you, especially when it's your mom.  I made the decision on the rig and my mom and I packed our bags and drove to Pennsylvania on December 2, 2007.  It was the first time in a long time it had just been the two of us and we had a lot of fun on the way down, not to mention getting hopelessly lost for quite some time.

We purchased the mobile unit on December 3, 2007 and drove through a blinding blizzard most of the way through the Pennsylvania mountains to get home.  I think my mom was even more excited about our new business venture than I was.  She was bubbling over and so happy.  Her faith in me was unwavering, even when I had doubts.

On December 11, just a week after we purchased the grooming van and drove it home, my mom passed away very unexpectedly.  The shock and grief over the loss was overwhelming and for a while I did not think TransFURmations would ever go any further.  I could not imagine doing it without her, but as time went on I felt my mom nudging me to keep at it.  I found my excitement for my new business again and I started working towards the grand opening. 

In honor of my mom I set the grand opening of TransFURmations Mobile Pet Spa for March 12, 2008, her birthday.  She would have been fifty-six that year.  It was her faith in me that made me know I could do this and it is for her that I continue.  I know she'll be watching me and smiling.  This is for you mom, I love you!


Pamela Paglierani

March 12, 1952-December 11, 2007

The story continues...

After over 7 years of mobile grooming I made the hard decision to close the mobile permanently and concentrate on my new salon. Corey and I opened the Boutique and Pet Spa together as two friends both looking to start new ventures. We have a unique set up in that, while we both work together and often function as a team, we are our own separate businesses. I am still TransFURmations and she owns Corey's Canine Creations. Starting a business with a trusted friend is always a little easier, isn't it? We've both been incredibly blessed with how well our new salon has taken off and I have been deeply honored and touched by the number of mobile clients that have come to see me at the salon. It has meant so much to be able to continue to groom so many of the pets I have grown so attached to.