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TransFURmations has permanently parked itself! We are excited to announce the opening of our new grooming salon! Located at 2563 Western Avenue in the Park Place strip mall. Our new salon offers many of the same benefits of our former mobile service. Every dog is done one at a time, straight through by appointment. No sitting in cages all day long or crowds of strange dogs around. A calm, low stress environment where you can take your pet to be groomed and pick them up in an hour or two (depending on the length of the groom).  Call us to book your appointment today! 280-7096

Thank you for visiting TransFURmations Boutique and Pet Spa!  


What we offer:

  • Award winning professional pet grooming services!     
  • Grooming for both dogs and cats. 
  • Self Service grooming in our salon.
  • Weekend appointments.
  • One on one attention.

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Questions?  You can reach us at Melissa@transfurmations.com .  We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Adopted through Petfinder.com

Pictures of MuShu, Sully, Lady, and Molly are/were the personal pets of the groomer.  All were rescues.  We support and encourage pet adoption!